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Comprehensive Pigeon Control in Avon

At Colorado Wildlife Specialists, we tackle pigeon problems in Avon, with a special emphasis on safeguarding solar panels. Our service suite includes pigeon removal, thorough decontamination, and the installation of tailor-made critter guards to protect your property from future pigeon intrusions.

In addition to solar panel concerns, we offer extensive pigeon deterrent solutions like spiking, netting, and comprehensive cleanup services to ensure your environment is safe and pigeon-free.

Pigeon Guard Installation
Pigeon Guard Installation and Cleanup

Why Choose Us?

Bringing over 15 years of experience in wildlife and pigeon control to Avon, our team possesses the knowledge and dedication necessary to address any pigeon issue. We understand the unique challenges of the Avon area and commit to providing effective, humane solutions.

Our focus on customer satisfaction and comprehensive approach make us Avon’s go-to choice for wildlife management and pigeon control services.

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If pigeons are causing problems on your property in Avon, don’t wait to seek help. Contact Colorado Wildlife Specialists today for professional pigeon control services. Call 720-248-8581 for immediate assistance and to begin the process towards a pigeon-free property.


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