Pigeon Control

The amazing persistence and prevalence of these urban pests causes headaches for homeowners and business owners alike.

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Protect your solar panels!

Pigeon removal from solar panels is our specialty. We remove droppings, nesting, bird carcasses, and other unpleasant buildups that birds leave behind. We install proven “critter guards” custom cut to your panel setup. These guards are a permanent solution to keep pigeons and other animals from accessing the space beneath your panels. Protect your investment!

Residue from droppings and nesting becomes a serious health concern as it is allowed to accumulate and often spill from the rooftop. Let us take care of you with our commercial grade removal and decontamination techniques, allowing you to once again breathe easy. Whether these panels are on your home or business, we will provide a solution.

pigeon removal services

Professional Pigeon Control

Spiking Netting Optical Deterrents Scent Treatments

You already understand how stubborn pigeons can be after they choose your home or business to roost. We offer an array of methods to deter pigeons from your roof, eaves, balcony, soffit, attic, pergola, lighting fixtures, deck, siding, shed, warehouse, or anywhere else they are a problem.

Bird spiking, netting, optical deterrents, or scent treatments can be installed and combined to find the solution to stop the battle over peace of mind and health. Allow us to remove droppings and restore and sanitize your property to a clean state.

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