Squirrel Removal

If Squirrels have become a problem at your  home or business our professional wildlife specialist technicians can remove them with our unique and humane live trapping techniques.


Squirrel Removal

We can safely remove them from attics, chimneys or any building structure. Female squirrels can enter into wall and ceiling cavities to bear their young.

Remove Safety Concerns

Squirrels often chew on  electrical wires causing wire damage and potential electrical fires. Commonly nuisance squirrels will chew on fascia boards and wooden trim. If a squirrel gets stuck and expires within the walls it creates smells that can be unbearable. Squirrels often infest a building causing property damage for years and decrease the market value of the property We can remove the squirrels, cleanup droppings and urine, decontaminate damaged insulation, and block out the entrance points to prevent future animal invasions. All of our specialists have the highest standards in the industry. Call today to have a specialist come to your property to inspect and evaluate a solution for your wildlife problem today!

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