Colorado Wildlife Specialists: Safeguarding Central City’s Solar Panels

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Protecting Your Solar Panels from Pigeons

In Central City, the efficiency of solar panels is often compromised by pigeons. Colorado Wildlife Specialists offer a detailed pigeon control process, starting with a thorough site inspection, followed by humane pigeon removal to minimize disruption and environmental impact.

Pigeon Guard Installation
Pigeon Guard Installation and Cleanup

Comprehensive Cleaning and Maintenance

After removal, our team undertakes a meticulous cleaning of the area beneath your solar panels. This step is vital to remove all traces of droppings and nesting materials, which can cause corrosion, blockages, and decrease your system’s efficiency. We then install durable critter guards designed for your specific setup, preventing pigeons from nesting under the panels again.

The Dangers of Pigeon Infestations

Pigeons pose a significant threat to solar panel installations. Their droppings are highly acidic, risking damage to both the panel surfaces and the structural integrity of mounting systems. Furthermore, nests can obstruct sunlight and airflow, reducing efficiency and potentially causing overheating. Our services in Central City are tailored to combat these issues, ensuring the longevity and performance of your solar panels.

Why Colorado Wildlife Specialists?

With extensive experience in both wildlife control and solar panel care, our team is Central City’s go-to for preventing pigeon-related damage. We’re committed to providing effective, sustainable solutions to protect your solar panel investments against the hazards of pigeon infestations.

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