Protect Your Solar Panels from Pigeons in Cheyenne Wells

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Our Approach to Pigeon Control

In Cheyenne Wells, Colorado Wildlife Specialists begin with a comprehensive site evaluation to understand the extent of the pigeon problem. We employ humane removal techniques to safely relocate pigeons away from your property, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily life and the environment.

Enhancing Solar Panel Efficiency

Following pigeon removal, our team conducts a thorough cleaning of the areas beneath your solar panels. This step is critical to eliminate acidic droppings and nesting materials that can corrode panel components and reduce efficiency. We then install custom-fitted critter guards, providing a durable barrier against future pigeon nesting.

Pigeon Guard Installation
Pigeon Guard Installation and Cleanup

The Risks of Pigeon Infestations

Pigeon infestations can severely impact the efficiency and lifespan of solar panels in Cheyenne Wells. The accumulation of droppings and nesting materials not only reduces energy output but can also lead to costly repairs and maintenance. Our targeted services are designed to mitigate these risks, preserving the functionality and integrity of your solar investment.

Why Choose Us?

Colorado Wildlife Specialists bring over 15 years of experience in pigeon control and solar panel maintenance to Cheyenne Wells. Our knowledge of local wildlife challenges and commitment to effective, humane solutions make us the trusted choice for protecting your solar panels from pigeon damage.

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