Protect Your Solar Panels from Pigeons in Columbine Valley

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Comprehensive Pigeon Removal Services

Colorado Wildlife Specialists offer a humane and effective pigeon control solution in Columbine Valley, starting with a thorough inspection to identify pigeon activity and nesting areas. Our team safely removes pigeons, ensuring minimal disruption to your property and the environment.

Pigeon Guard Installation
Pigeon Guard Installation and Cleanup

Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance

Following pigeon removal, our experts perform a detailed cleaning of the area beneath your solar panels. This step is vital to remove pigeon droppings and nesting materials, which can corrode panel components and obstruct energy production. We then install custom-fitted critter guards to prevent pigeons from accessing and damaging your solar panels in the future.

The Dangers of Pigeon Infestations on Solar Panels

Pigeons nesting under solar panels can cause significant long-term damage, including panel surface corrosion, wiring damage, and reduced efficiency due to blockage of sunlight. Our targeted services in Columbine Valley aim to mitigate these risks, ensuring the longevity and performance of your solar panel investment.

Why Choose Colorado Wildlife Specialists?

With over 15 years of experience in pigeon control and a deep understanding of solar panel maintenance, we are Columbine Valley’s trusted provider for protecting solar investments from pigeon-related damages. Our commitment to effective, humane solutions sets us apart.

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