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Targeted Pigeon Control Solutions

Our approach to pigeon control in Cortez begins with a comprehensive property assessment to identify the extent of the issue. We use humane methods to remove pigeons, ensuring the safety of both the birds and your property.

Pigeon Guard Installation
Pigeon Guard Installation and Cleanup

Ensuring Clean and Efficient Solar Panels

Following pigeon removal, we conduct a detailed cleaning of under your solar panels. This is crucial for removing harmful droppings and nesting materials that can degrade panel materials and obstruct energy production. Our team then installs bespoke critter guards, designed to keep pigeons from compromising your solar panels again.

Understanding Pigeon-Related Risks to Solar Panels

Pigeons can severely impact the functionality and longevity of solar panels. Their acidic droppings may damage the panel surfaces, and nesting materials can block sunlight, leading to reduced energy efficiency. In Cortez, we offer solutions tailored to protect your solar panels from such damage, ensuring their optimal performance and durability.

Why Rely on Colorado Wildlife Specialists?

With over 15 years of experience in pigeon control and a deep understanding of solar panel care, our team is Cortez’s go-to for safeguarding solar investments against pigeon damage. We are committed to providing effective, sustainable, and humane solutions.

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