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Professional Pigeon Control for Solar Panels

Our comprehensive approach to pigeon control in Eagle begins with a detailed inspection to identify pigeon activity. We utilize humane removal strategies to mitigate the issue without harming the pigeons or the environment.

Critter Guard Installation on solar panel array
Critter Guard Installation on Solar Panel Array

Cleaning and Protecting Your Solar Investment

Following the removal process, our specialized team conducts a thorough cleaning under your solar panels. This step is crucial for eliminating pigeon droppings and nesting materials that can corrode hardware and block sunlight. We then install durable critter guards to prevent future nesting, ensuring your solar panels remain efficient and damage-free.

The Impact of Pigeons on Solar Panels

Pigeons can significantly compromise the performance and lifespan of solar panels. Their acidic droppings and nesting materials not only reduce the panels’ efficiency but also pose a risk to their structural integrity. Our services in Eagle are designed to address these challenges, safeguarding your clean energy source.

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With extensive experience in pigeon control and solar panel maintenance, we are the go-to experts in Eagle for protecting your solar panels against pigeon damage. Our commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction ensures your solar panels operate at their best.

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