Protect Your Solar Panels from Pigeons in Erie, CO

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Expert Pigeon Removal Services

At Colorado Wildlife Specialists in Erie, we start with a comprehensive evaluation to identify pigeon nesting and roosting areas. Our humane removal techniques safely clear pigeons from your property, minimizing disruption and environmental impact.

Pigeon Guard Installation
Pigeon Guard Installation and Cleanup

Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance

Following pigeon removal, our team conducts thorough cleaning to remove all droppings and nesting materials from under your solar panels. This step is crucial to prevent corrosion and maintain energy efficiency. We also install custom-fit critter guards as a long-term solution to deter pigeon nesting, ensuring the longevity and performance of your solar investment.

The Impact of Pigeons on Solar Panels

Pigeons can significantly damage solar panels through acidic droppings and nest building, leading to reduced efficiency and potential hardware damage. Our specialized services in Erie aim to mitigate these risks, preserving your solar panel system’s integrity and output.

Choosing Colorado Wildlife Specialists

With extensive experience in pigeon control and solar panel care, our team is Erie’s trusted choice for maintaining clean and efficient solar panel systems. We’re dedicated to providing effective, humane solutions to protect your solar investment from pigeon-related damages.

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For Professional Pigeon Control and Solar Panel Maintenance in Erie, Call 720-248-8581.