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Comprehensive Pigeon Control Solutions

In Fort Collins, our team begins with a thorough inspection to understand the extent of the pigeon problem. We employ humane removal methods to safely and effectively clear pigeons from your property, prioritizing the health of both the birds and your solar panel systems.

Pigeon Guard Installation
Pigeon Guard Installation and Cleanup

Solar Panel Cleaning and Protection

Following pigeon removal, we perform an in-depth cleaning of the area under your solar panels. Removing all traces of droppings and nesting materials is crucial to avoid corrosion and maintain optimal panel efficiency. We also install custom-fit critter guards to prevent future access by pigeons, ensuring long-term protection of your solar investment.

Understanding the Risks of Pigeon Nesting

Pigeons can severely impact the functionality and lifespan of solar panels. Beyond the immediate reduction in energy production, their acidic droppings and nest materials can cause lasting damage to panel surfaces and structures. Our targeted services in Fort Collins are designed to mitigate these risks, preserving the efficiency and integrity of your solar panels.

Why Choose Colorado Wildlife Specialists?

Our expertise in pigeon control and solar panel maintenance makes us the preferred choice in Fort Collins. We’re committed to providing sustainable, effective solutions to protect your solar panels from pigeon-related damages, ensuring they continue to operate at peak efficiency.

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Protect your solar panels from pigeon damage with Colorado Wildlife Specialists. Contact us for expert pigeon control and solar panel maintenance services in Fort Collins, CO. Call 720-248-8581 to arrange a consultation.


For Expert Pigeon Control and Solar Panel Care in Fort Collins, Call 720-248-8581.