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Expert Pigeon Removal Solutions

Our team in Greenwood Village starts with a detailed inspection to assess the pigeon problem around your solar panels. Using humane removal methods, we ensure the safe relocation of pigeons, reducing impact on both your property and the local ecosystem.

Critter Guard Installation on solar panel array
Critter Guard Installation on Solar Panel Array

Thorough Solar Panel Cleaning and Guard Installation

Following pigeon removal, we perform comprehensive cleaning to remove droppings and nesting materials from under your solar panels. This crucial step prevents corrosion and maintains energy efficiency. Additionally, we install custom-fit critter guards to deter future pigeon nesting, protecting your solar investment over the long term.

The Impact of Pigeons on Solar Panels

Pigeons can severely affect the functionality and lifespan of solar panels. Their droppings are acidic, potentially damaging the panel surfaces, while nesting materials can obstruct sunlight, reducing energy production. Our services in Greenwood Village are designed to address these issues, ensuring your solar panels remain efficient and damage-free.

Why Trust Colorado Wildlife Specialists?

With years of experience in pigeon control and solar panel maintenance, our team is the go-to expert in Greenwood Village for protecting solar installations from pigeon damage. We’re committed to delivering sustainable, effective solutions to enhance the efficiency and durability of your solar panels.

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