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Comprehensive Pigeon Removal Services

Our Gunnison team starts with a detailed evaluation to determine the extent of pigeon presence around your solar panels. Employing humane removal methods, we relocate pigeons safely, ensuring minimal disruption to your property and the surrounding environment.

Pigeon Guard Installation
Pigeon Guard Installation and Cleanup

Protecting Your Solar Panels

After pigeon removal, we thoroughly clean the area beneath your solar panels. This critical step removes droppings and nesting materials, preventing corrosion and blockages that can decrease panel efficiency. We also install custom-designed critter guards to prevent pigeons from returning, securing the longevity and productivity of your solar investment.

The Dangers of Pigeon Nesting

Pigeon nesting can significantly damage solar panels over time. Acidic droppings erode panel surfaces and structures, while nesting materials block sunlight, reducing efficiency. Our Gunnison services are tailored to mitigate these risks, ensuring your solar panels operate at peak performance.

Why Choose Colorado Wildlife Specialists?

With extensive experience in pigeon control and solar panel maintenance, our team is Gunnison’s trusted provider for safeguarding solar installations. We are committed to delivering effective, humane solutions, ensuring the durability and efficiency of your solar panels.

Schedule Solar Panel Maintenance

Don’t let pigeons compromise your solar system’s efficiency. Contact Colorado Wildlife Specialists for professional pigeon control and solar panel maintenance services in Gunnison, CO. Call 720-248-8581 to enhance the longevity of your solar setup.


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