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Comprehensive Pigeon Control for Thornton

At Colorado Wildlife Specialists, we address pigeon problems with a focus on protecting solar panels. Our services in Thornton include pigeon removal, thorough decontamination, and installing custom-fit critter guards to safeguard your panels and property.

We also offer various pigeon deterrent methods, including spiking, netting, and comprehensive cleanup services, tailored to meet the specific needs of your Thornton home or business.

Pigeon Guard Installation
Pigeon Guard Installation and Cleanup

Why Choose Us?

Our extensive experience of over 15 years in wildlife and pigeon control means we bring valuable expertise to every job. We understand the unique environmental challenges in Thornton and are dedicated to providing effective, humane solutions to your pigeon issues.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and our focus on delivering long-lasting solutions make us a trusted partner in Thornton for all your pigeon control needs.

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Don’t let pigeons disrupt your peace or damage your property. Contact Colorado Wildlife Specialists today for top-notch pigeon control services in Thornton. Call 720-248-8581 for immediate assistance and to schedule a consultation.


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